Friday, November 7, 2014


After spending hours in a car navigating twists and turns from high to low, we made touchdown at the quiet and desolate valley of Kaghan at sunset. The place instantly became pitch black and the sound of the rushing stream your only comfort. We had booked rooms at a hotel for the night which was right by the stream, enamoring a breath-taking view at every window. The hotel was deserted and not the best value deal you can find, but sufficient for a night stay.

We soon realized that there was not much to do in Kaghan, rather there was nothing to do but gaze at the natural beauty. A walk in the bazaar took less than ten minutes and the shops weren't very interesting. The only other interesting thing to do was a walk on the wooden bridges over the water. It also made for a very good photo spot. Local paths in the surrounding mountains could pass for hiking tracks, but we didn't explore them/

Kaghan is the best destination for a relaxing and quiet stay. Tourists are usually just passerby's on the way to Naran, so there isn't much noise and disturbance. It's also close to other civilized areas for fuel and food supplies.

Sunset at Kaghan

Kaghan Bazaar

Breakfast at the Hotel

Ultimate Kaghan Photo Spot

Rickety wooden bridges at Kaghan

Yikes! Be careful on those bridges.

Hotel Lobby.

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